QTS Focuses on the Customer, Expands Disaster Recovery Options

30 Sep 2013 by Datacenters.com Technology

"Quality Technology Services, a leading provider of managed data center, colocation, connectivity and cloud related services, has been hard at work making numerous notable changes recently, all with the goal to better serve the customer. As one of the largest data center services providers in the United States, QTS has long been focusing its marketing campaigns toward emphasizing how businesses can look to them for a complete solution. On August 5, the company announced that its focus on the customer has paid off as it added 80 new clients in the first six months of 2013.

QTS operates around a unique business platform that emphasizes what it refers to as “QTS’s 3Cs:” custom data centers, cloud andcolocation services. According to the company, the new clients it acquired between January and June of this year recognize the value of its focus, and a majority of the new clients gained were in the especially regulated industries of healthcare, financial services and information technology.

“We designed our national 3C platform of solutions to ensure that QTS meets the needs of enterprise organizations, as well as fast-growing small and mid-sized businessses, and our diverse customer base demonstrates the strength of our strategy,” said Dan Bennewitz, COO of sales and marketing at QTS. He later added, “We are seeing a national trend towards companies outsourcing their data center and infrastructure needs. In addition, we are seeing a growing percentage of customers taking advantage of more than one of our 3Cs offerings.”

QTS Helps Clients Prepare for Disasters
In line with QTS’ recent focus on the customer, the company also announced on August 13 the launch of two additional disaster recoveryservices: DR On-Demand and DR High Availability. These solutions are meant to provide numerous options to businesses of all kinds, emphasizing how QTS’ managed hosting customers have highly different business continuity needs from one another.

QTS’ DR On-Demand solution is a fully managed service that relies on geographically dispersing data center resources so that businesses can get back online quickly and effectively in the event of a localized disaster. The company uses image-based replication technology to cater to clients that are adopting virtualized environments. According to the company, the high level of customization for this newer solution makes it advantageous and cost-effective for a wide range of organizations.

DR High Availability is focused more on continuous data replication in real time, promising clients that copies of data, operating systems and applications used to get a company back online following a disruption or disaster are the most current and nothing is lost.

“Preparing for natural disasters and other unplanned events is a crucial part of business in today’s environment, where a company’s network is its lifeline to productivity,” said QTS CEO Chad Williams. “We are proud to provide our managed hosting customers with these disaster recovery options, along with our expert engineers to help customers understand which service is most appropriate for their business needs.”

New Customers, New Leadership
On August 22, QTS announced the appointment of Jeffrey Berson as the company’s first ever chief investment officer. Berson will be working to streamline QTS’ investment strategy, which includes components like investor relations, new projects and business development. Berson has more than 20 years of experience in investment banking, mostly within the technology sector, and QTS is excited to bring the new executive on board.

“Jeff’s extensive experience within the data center industry and managed services, combined with his business insight, equips him well to serve as QTS’ first chief investment officer,” Williams said. “These are exciting times for the growth of QTS and Jeff’s knowledge and experience will play a critical role.”

As QTS has demonstrated by its focus on the customer and the rollout of new services, strategy is integral when making big business moves. QTS’ recent efforts have paid off, resulting in more and better options for its clients. With the addition of Berson to the executive team, the hope is that the organization will continue to prosper and continue to offer top-of-the-line services to its growing client base."


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