RagingWire Invests $16.2 Million in Data Center Improvements

15 Apr 2014 by Datacenters.com Technology

"RagingWire - long a leader in data centers - its first data center was one of the first to fully sell out years ago in North Natomas, CA - in the Sacramento area. Now the company is blazing through with $16.2 Million in improvements to its 2nd Sacramento data center.
RagingWire's Sacramento Facility Ready for $16.2M in Improvements
The data center spans a remarkable seven ""blocks"" - and the money is allocated for the interior of six of the blocks, as well as finishing the 7th block.

According to Doug Adams, RagingWire's head of sales, ""we sold out the entire building, but we can't build it any faster than a block at a time.""

So since the entire building's electric and lease capacity sold out last year, RagingWire plans interior work that will allow the company to build smaller blocks of electrical capacity.

RagingWire - who is developing two data centers in Virginia's so-called ""Data Center Alley"" - plans to complete the latest block in August. For more information on the boom in Northern Virginia and Data Center Alley click here.
RagingWire's Planned Ashburn Virginia Data Center
During the 7th block's renovation, RagingWire is concurrently working on its newest data center building, about a mile from the original buildings of the North Natomas data center, which is scheduled to open in October.

Heavily back by Tokyo-based NTT (NTT acquired an 80 percent equity interest RagingWire for $350 million.)

For more information on the NTT's aquisition in RagingWire and their massive expansion plans click here.

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