Reasons we love the Cloud

10 Feb 2015 by Cloud

"The idea of Cloud Computing has evolved throughout the years and has quickly become a must have in today's business world. According to, Cloud Computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. The concept steams back to the 1960s however, with the arrival of in 1999, society began falling head over heels for the ""The Cloud"". allowed users to utilize applications via a website which made things much easier for businesses as well as their employees.

Next in 2002, came the development of Amazon Web Services which offered users a variety of Cloud based services including storage and computation. Soon after, big names such as Google and Microsoft began offering Cloud services to their users. Fast forward to today, and anyone can easily see that cloud computing is turning heads in the business world everywhere- making it ""love at first site"" for many of its users. As the cloud continues to grow, so do its many benefits. In this article we have broken it down and chosen 3 popular reasons why society is in love with the Cloud.

The Cloud is Convenient, Efficient and Flexible

Ease and convenience have made using the Cloud very popular in many work environments. The clouds flexibility allows businesses to customize applications to meet their unique needs. They can pay for what they use, and not have to worry about being anchored to a set amount of storage. Businesses can also utilize the Cloud to meet their individual employee needs as well. Employees are able to access information from multiple devices and from any location. This makes their job more efficient, easier to accomplish and extremely flexible to the needs of each employee. Companies are not only using the cloud to benefits themselves and their employees, but also to the benefit of their customers. Utilizing the Cloud to make the customers experience more efficient has proved profitable for many companies. In 2014, 52 percent of leading organizations turned to the cloud to promote rapid innovation in products and services. In todays society everyone is searching for the next big thing to make life efficient and since the Cloud falls under this category it's a no brainer that it is loved by many.

With the Cloud- Money isn't a Issue- it Pays For Itself
The cost of utilizing Cloud Computing in a business environment typically pays for itself. This is another reason why it has increased in popularity. Nobody wants to purchase something and find out later it was a waste of money. With the Cloud, companies are finding that it isn't a waste of money and will end up saving them money in the long run. Instead of having to invest thousands in data centers and servers, companies are able to utilize the cloud and only pay for the space they consume. According to Wired, The cloud offers a subscription-based model, which offers tremendous cost savings and makes it possible for any organization to use advanced features like video conferencing, screen-sharing and coauthoring. Businesses are also able to pace their investments so they avoid big up-front capital expenses and pay monthly as their business scales.

An increase in Cloud popularity has caused an increase in safety and security
According to a survey conducted late 2014 by RightScale, 31 percent of respondents said security was their top concern. With data breaches popping up all over the Industry, being concerned about the security of data is understandable. To comfort this fear, Cloud Providers have greatly improved security features. According to Cloudtech, Cloud Computing offers users complete control over password complexity rules, expiration and the ability to require various forms of multi-factor authentication. The Cloud also offers back up or replication of data to help in case of a data breach/loss. In an ever changing industry, new threats pop up out of nowhere so Cloud Providers are always working to improve security features while maintaining affordable costs for its users.
Although there are many benefits to utilizing Cloud Computing in the working environment, the top three paint a good picture to why so many fall in love. According to a CompTIA survey 90 percent of companies are using some form of cloud computing. This is a clear indication that the cloud has quickly become an essential ingredient of modern IT.
As it continues to transform the modern business the Cloud will be crucial to implement into business procedures everywhere. Researchindicates cloud applications and platforms will be at the forefront of IT spending by 2016, with half of all enterprises implementing cloud solutions by 2017. So as you can see, it isn't about IF the Cloud will become a must have but WHEN. Our sources are telling us that soon every business will utilize the Cloud somehow. Its recommended to get prepared and start researching the cloud because not doing so, could leave your business broken hearted."

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