Revamp: Maybe It'™s Not Time to Bury Blackberry

13 Aug 2014 by Technology

"Alright we couldn't believe that headline either, until we started looking into Blackberry's new revamp, and it's quite a revamp and rebrand. Blackberry naysayers take note: maybe the new handheld platform called BES10 short for Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 has a real chance to of chance of changing the way we BYOD.

Can Blackberry's BES10 May Put the Company on Top Again?

So let's face the obvious, love it or hate it, BYOD is here to stay. And Bringing Your Own Device is not that bad, in fact in shows employees that you trust them not to abuse it, and it also allows you to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and news.

Blackberry was a pioneer in the realm of smartphones. We had one. We loved it, and then we bought an Android and the rest was history, but the point of this praise on Blackberry BES10 is not the handheld device, but a new platform that makes BYOD safer and an all-around more effective and efficient told for both employers and employees, and considering that it works with Androids and iPhones it's an all-around win-win

So what does BES10 do? Well think of it as a type of hybrid cloud service. Or a content management service, only one that specifically looks for BYOD devices. It basically manages what can seem to be an unmanageable platform: after all employers and employees alike are human and sometimes we do check out sports scores, flash sales, celebrity gossip, et al - however with BES10 a company can manage company-owned BYOD devices.

Of course, it's not without its fair share of difficulties: people will continue to bring in their personal non-company owned devices, or will they? With the knowledge of the management system as a deterrent, Blackberry is banking that employees will leave their personal devices at home.

Also, according to Blackberry BES10 will: ""'¦perfectly balance user and business needs without compromise, by seamlessly separating work and personal content while preserving the native user experience'¦.""

And this ""seamless"" transition may just be what is missing in BYOD, that and the single-source management console may just be what many companies are looking for.

So, in the ever-changing world of BYOD, perhaps with a way to manage the seemingly unmanageable might make everyone a convert, and stranger still, what if we went back to using a Blackberry? Stranger things have happened."

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