Sentinel Data Centers Annouces 230,000 Square Foot Expansion in Somerset, New Jersey

6 Oct 2014 by Technology

In Somerset, New Jersey, Sentinel Data Centers, announced today, that it will expand its NJ-1 datacenter, (click here to find out more about the existing data center) and they plan on significantly expanding it: adding up to 200,000 total square feet 20 megawatts of critical load.

The expansion: known as “Phase III” adds to the existing behemoth of a datacenter (the current facility already has 230,000 square feet and is near capacity and demand.)

Sentinel Data Centers aims to improve large-user experience and is almost at its pre-lease capacity with the Phase III expansion.   The company intends to make the new addition fully operational by the second half of 2015, and at the lease rate – it should be at complete capacity by the time of opening of the data center.

According to Josh Rabina, Co-President of Sentinel: “we are grateful for the continued validation of our offering by the most discerning large users in the region…we will never be all things to all people, but for quality-sensitive users, we believe our NJ-1 facility will continue to set the standard in the region.”

Sentinel Data Centers’s new NJ-1 Phase III design is planned to integrate all the latest best practices in the data center industry, including, but not limited to, low latency, scalability and low downtime.  According to the company, the new addition will also add an energy efficiency not seen in its data center’s at this time.  The company also hopes for better ease-of-use and user experience.

Additionally, the company plans on using its modular building block design to allow for easy customization of power densities and resiliency levels, using each customer’s dedicated suite and keeping in mind the needs and wants of its clients.

According to Todd Aaron, Co-President of Sentinel: “Today’s IT landscape is highly dynamic, and we are committed to continuing to align our model with our users’ evolving needs…flexibility remains a cornerstone of our offering and is central to insuring our customers’ long-term success. We are thrilled to be bringing additional product to New Jersey that we feel will continue to exceed the market’s highest expectations.”

And it seems with the new plans for Phase III of NJ-1 Sentinel may have the right ingredients for an ideal start to its new addition.

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