Silver Peak Expands Cloud Partner Ecosystem

29 Jan 2019 by Bob West

Silver Peak, the global SD-WAN leader, announced that its SD-WAN platform, Unity EdgeConnect, has been certified for deployment in Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. With the latest announcement, Silver Peak has the broadest public cloud service partner ecosystem in the industry. It is the only SD-WAN vendor to partner with all four leading public cloud providers, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle.

The partnership will help geographically distributed enterprises execute multi-cloud strategies with the same network and application availability and resiliency. According to Silver Peak, enterprise customers will benefit from the ability to host EdgeConnect across any combination of the four leading public cloud services platforms with the same ease of deployment, feature, and license parity.

“Enterprise customers gain choice and control in how they execute multi-cloud strategies in alignment with their business requirements. By harnessing the full power of the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform, they can deliver the highest quality of experience to their users whether applications or services are hosted in their own data centers or across any combination of leading public cloud provider’s data centers,” said Chris Helfer, senior vice president of strategic alliances at Silver Peak.

The company is confident that the multi-cloud strategy would offer many benefits to enterprises. With EdgeConnect, consistent deployment from customer’s branches to the cloud can be made possible. Thus, enterprises can extend the reach of their SD-WAN deployments into virtual private cloud environments to deliver the highest quality of experience for SaaS applications and IaaS instances. Silver Peak also promises reliable internet access using last mile broadband services for cloud connectivity.

Silver Peaks’ partnership with cloud providers will provide the much-needed cloud flexibility to enterprises in the early stages of formalizing public cloud strategies. According to Silver Peak, more advanced cloud-connected enterprises benefit from leveraging the full power of the Silver Peak cloud ecosystem to execute multi-cloud strategies consistently. Moreover, with Unity Boost—Silver Peak’s WAN optimization add-on, enterprises can accelerate data access, dramatically reduce the amount of data transferred, and optimize application performance between cloud instances.


Bob West

Bob West is a tech-savvy, digital enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for data centers, cloud, internet exchanges (IX) and cryptocurrency. He was a driving force within the original team that built in 2011. It’s his belief that a new breed of data centers will become increasingly important as we move towards IoT, AI, and edge computing.

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