Spain's Newest Conquest: Brazilian Data Center Opens $500 Million, Part of Santander Banking Empire

23 Jun 2014 by Technology

"Spain: the world's first superpower. Once the owner of the seas, and the conquerors of the planet. They were the first to not only cross the Atlantic, but they were the first to colonize the newly ""discovered"" lands.

And then a Queen defeated that Armada, and there were several wars of succession, and Spain, well, they weren't immune to the bubble bursting in 2008 - they were the definition of ""Sub-Prime"" lenders (banks issuing loans at 125% loan-to-value, not only a brand-new house, but a house full of new furniture and a car in the garage.) So they're ""great recession"" was more like a ""great depression."" Yet, one of the world's biggest banking groups, the Santander group, seems willing and ready to open one of the world's most expensive data center.

The center, will be located approximately 62 miles outside of Sao Paolo in the Brazilian city of Campinas, and will cost about $500 million.

Banco Santander Brasil, a unit of Spain's Santander Group, on Monday opened its first large data center in South America, a 1.1 billion reais. Interestingly, Santander Brasil CEO Jesus Zabalza, called the datacenter, not just a data center, but a ""is another landmark"" in the banking empire's crown.

The Santander Group has invested about $30 billion in Brazil since its arrival in the country in 1982, Zabalza said, and the bank is the 3rd largest privately-own bank in South America - and one of the largest in Europe.
Santander Bank Opens Brazilian Data Center
Zabalza went on to say: ""This data center complies with the most demanding international standards and reflects the enormous confidence and potential that Santander has in Brazil, The facility, which took three years to plan and build, and triples the physical installations for warehousing (5 million gigabytes), improves monitoring systems and provides more space for expanding the servers.""

So, the Santander Group is certainly bringing a technologically-sound center to the Amazon - and one that will be able to service the needs of the burgeoning economy of Sao Paolo - and this one will probably have nothing to do with the World Cup (although it does beg the question is the announcement and the opening timed to coincide with The World Cup, but we digress.)

Data Center Campinas received Tier IV certification, a first for a bank in Latin America, making it one of only 12 such facilities in the world, Zabalza said.

The facility has a power station that can generate 50,000 KW, or enough electricity to supply a city of 200,000, as well as six modern information technology wings, and the mayor of the city Sao Paulo Gov. Geraldo Alckmin, praised the Spanish bank and how it continues to grow with a data center in Spain, London, Mexico and now one in Brazil.

One thing is for certain, things must be looking up for the Kingdom of Spain's economy: with a new king and this much international banking requiring a datacenter has to be good news for the one-time superpower.

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