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13 Jul 2023 by Bare Metal

In the vast landscape of cloud computing, a new player is quickly emerging – bare metal infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).   

As e-commerce platforms continue to expand and progress, the requirement for more robust, secure, and scalable infrastructure solutions is becoming increasingly prominent. The surge in online shopping and digital transactions has put a significant strain on existing systems, necessitating a shift towards more resilient and efficient solutions.  

In addition, with the rise in cyber threats, the need for advanced security measures has never been higher. Scalability is another critical factor to consider as business growth demands additional resources or modifications. Therefore, creating a dynamic infrastructure that can handle these evolving needs is crucial for the continued success of e-commerce platforms.  

This includes implementing state-of-the-art technologies, adopting innovative security protocols, and ensuring a seamless user experience irrespective of traffic volume or transaction complexity. 

Bare Metal IaaS: A Primer 

At its core, bare metal Infrastructure as a Service is a dedicated cloud service model that allows businesses to lease physical servers from a service provider. This model stands in contrast to traditional cloud computing, where resources are pooled and shared among multiple users within a virtualized environment.  

Bare metal IaaS provides the power of dedicated hardware with the flexibility and scalability of cloud services. This means that businesses can benefit from enhanced performance, security, and control, without the overhead of managing physical servers in-house. It's an ideal solution for data-intensive operations, high-performance computing, and applications that require low latency. 

In a bare metal setup, each server is singularly devoted to one tenant, thereby eliminating the potential performance issues that might arise due to 'noisy neighbors'. The term 'noisy neighbors' refers to other users on a shared server whose heavy usage can negatively impact the performance of your own applications.  

By having a dedicated server in a bare metal environment, you gain exclusive access to all the resources, ensuring optimal performance. This setup provides a robust and reliable infrastructure with no interference from other tenants, making it ideal for high-demand applications and workloads. 

The Benefits of Bare Metal for E-Commerce Platforms 

Bare metal deployments provide organizations with all the flexibility and scalability of the cloud while also reaping the benefits of a dedicated server. Below are some of the main benefits that companies can see to their e-commerce platforms when they commit to bare metal IaaS deployments.  

Improved Performance 

One of the most significant advantages of bare metal Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the enhanced performance it offers, which can be particularly beneficial to e-commerce platforms.  

Bare metal IaaS provides direct access to the server's physical hardware, eliminating the need for a hypervisor layer and thus avoiding any potential for resource contention or "noisy neighbor" issues. This results in faster processing speeds, lower latency, and greater overall system efficiency.  

For e-commerce platforms, these performance enhancements can directly translate into improved user experiences, faster page load times, and increased capacity to handle high volumes of traffic, especially during peak sales periods. This can ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and better business outcomes. 

Increased Customization 

Bare metal Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) empowers businesses with unrivaled control over their server environment. This utility of this model lies in its ability to offer the raw hardware of a single tenant server, which means users have complete access and control over everything from the operating system to the underlying resources.  

Such a high degree of customization is particularly beneficial for e-commerce platforms that often require unique configurations to support complex workflows and handle high-traffic periods.  

With the flexibility offered by Bare Metal IaaS, these businesses can tailor their server environment to precisely match their needs, thus ensuring optimal performance, enhanced security, and improved customer experience during peak shopping times. 

Greater Security  

In a bare metal environment, the inherent structure of each server being isolated and dedicated to one tenant significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination or data breaches. This is because the resources are not shared with other tenants, thus offering an added layer of security.  

The absence of multi-tenancy in bare metal IaaS ensures that each user has exclusive access to their own server, eliminating the potential for unauthorized intrusions. This heightened level of security makes bare metal IaaS an appealing choice for e-commerce platforms where the safety and integrity of data are of utmost importance.  

With the nature of e-commerce involving countless transactions and sensitive customer data, this isolated environment offers much-needed peace of mind. 

Enhanced Scalability  

Bare metal Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers a significant advantage when it comes to scalability, a crucial feature for businesses, particularly e-commerce platforms. With the ability to scale resources up or down swiftly in response to fluctuating demands, Bare metal IaaS ensures efficient utilization of resources and cost-effectiveness.  

For e-commerce platforms, this means they can handle high traffic volumes during peak shopping seasons without investing in permanent infrastructure. Likewise, during slower periods, they can scale down to minimize costs. This on-demand scalability not only improves customer experience by ensuring optimal website performance but also aligns with the dynamic nature of e-commerce business operations, equipping them with the agility to adapt and grow. 

Getting Started with Bare Metal  

To get started with bare metal for your e-commerce platform, we’ve compiled some action items that are important first steps.  

Vendor Selection 

When it comes to selecting a bare metal vendor, it's crucial to find one that strikes the right balance between performance, security, and scalability. These three factors are key in ensuring your e-commerce platform runs efficiently and can handle high traffic volumes without compromising on safety.  

Experienced providers who have worked with various e-commerce platforms will have a deeper understanding of your specific needs. They can offer tailored solutions that align with your business objectives, making them an ideal choice. Remember, the right bare metal vendor can play a significant role in the success of your online store, so choose wisely. 

Implementation Considerations 

When it comes to bare metal deployments, meticulous planning is paramount for companies. Migration isn't a simple switch; it involves careful consideration of various factors such as potential downtime, data transfer processes, and integration with existing systems. Any oversight or misstep in these areas can lead to complications and disruptions in business operations.  

Therefore, it's crucial to map out a detailed and comprehensive migration plan. Additionally, partnering with industry experts can prove to be beneficial. They bring their expertise to the table, helping ensure a smooth transition by providing valuable guidance and handling complex tasks. This strategic approach not only minimizes risks but also maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the deployment. 


As the landscape of e-commerce continues to expand and transform, bare metal Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) emerges as a potent solution for infrastructure needs. The primary benefits of this approach are manifold: it offers superior performance due to the absence of a hypervisor layer, which allows users direct access to hardware resources. This results in faster processing times and lower latency, crucial for maintaining a seamless online shopping experience.  

Furthermore, bare metal IaaS provides extensive customization options, enabling businesses to tailor their infrastructure to meet specific requirements. When it comes to security, bare metal IaaS outshines traditional shared environments since it minimizes the risk of cyber threats by allocating dedicated servers to each user.  

Lastly, it offers unparalleled scalability, allowing e-commerce platforms to adjust their resource usage based on demand, making it an ideal solution for handling peak traffic periods. In essence, bare metal IaaS equips e-commerce platforms with the tools they need to stay competitive and prosper in the dynamic online marketplace. 

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