The Top Colocation Providers in the UK

29 Feb 2024 by Colocation

Colocation services are important for businesses to store their servers and IT infrastructure in secure data centers. This helps them operate efficiently in the digital world.

When it comes to colocation services, the United Kingdom stands out as a key player in the global market. The UK is a great place for businesses seeking top-notch colocation services. This is because of its strategic location, strong internet connections, and high-quality data centers.

In this blog, we'll delve into what makes the UK an essential location for colocation services and explore the top colocation providers in the market.

An Essential Solution for Businesses

Colocation means storing your servers and hardware in a data center that is not owned by you. Businesses can use a colocation provider's infrastructure and security measures while still having control over their own hardware and systems. 

Essentially, companies typically lease space in a colocation facility to store their servers, storage devices, and networking equipment. This allows them to utilize the facility's power, cooling, bandwidth, and security measures.

The operation of colocation involves businesses leasing space within a data center facility to physically house their computing infrastructure. Typically, colocation providers offer a range of services including power supply, cooling systems, physical security, and network connectivity. Companies have the option to place their servers and equipment in a secure area. This helps ensure that their IT resources are safe and well-maintained.

Data centers often have backup power, fast internet, and advanced cooling to ensure equipment performs well and is reliable.

The Significance of the United Kingdom for Colocation Services

The United Kingdom's status as a global financial hub and its well-established infrastructure make it a compelling choice for businesses in need of cloud data centers. London is a major financial center that attracts companies looking to establish a strong online presence in a key economic hub.

Additionally, the UK's connectivity to Europe and the rest of the world through high-speed, low-latency network links enhances its appeal as a prime location for colocation services.

Furthermore, the UK boasts a highly competitive telecommunications market, which ensures that businesses can access a wide range of network providers and connectivity options. The competition at this level not only encourages innovation and top-notch service, but also allows businesses to select the most appropriate network solutions for their unique requirements

Top Colocation Service Providers in the UK


Equinix stands out as a global interconnection and data center company with a strong presence in the UK. The company's London data centers are renowned for their exceptional connectivity, offering businesses direct access to an extensive ecosystem of networks, cloud service providers, and potential partners.

Equinix has established itself as a premier option for companies looking for high-quality colocation services in the UK due to its unwavering dedication to promoting interconnection-focused business strategies. By prioritizing the development of digital ecosystems, Equinix provides sophisticated enterprise data centers that function as central hubs for interconnected business operations.

This approach allows businesses to seamlessly connect with partners, customers, and service providers, unlocking new opportunities for collaboration and growth. Equinix assists businesses in enhancing their digital infrastructure by providing secure and high-performance colocation solutions. This makes Equinix a valuable partner for organizations looking to increase their competitive advantage.

Digital Realty

Digital Realty operates a robust network of datacenters across the globe, offering over 300 data centers worldwide. Digital Realty has locations in North and South America and the UK. They offer secure and scalable colocation solutions for businesses in these areas. 

Digital Realty is known for its reliable and high-quality data centers that provide top performance and uptime. They cater to businesses looking for trustworthy infrastructure hosting.

The company's commitment to security and resilience is evident in its approach to providing businesses with secure and resilient colocation solutions. Digital Realty's track record in the industry underscores its dedication to delivering reliable and high-performance data center services, ensuring that businesses can operate with confidence and peace of mind. 

This emphasis on operational excellence and a global footprint of data centers positions Digital Realty as a trusted partner for businesses seeking robust and secure colocation solutions


Zenlayer's colocation services in the UK stand out due to their unwavering commitment to reliability, security, and scalability. By leveraging state-of-the-art data centers strategically located in key business hubs, Zenlayer ensures ultra-low latency and high availability for its clients.

The company's robust security measures, including 24/7 monitoring and multi-layered access controls, instill confidence in the protection of valuable hardware and data. Moreover, Zenlayer's flexible and scalable solutions cater to diverse business needs, empowering companies to expand their infrastructure seamlessly as they grow.

With a focus on delivering consistent performance and peace of mind, Zenlayer's colocation services in the UK provide a competitive edge for businesses seeking dependable and agile hosting solutions.


CyrusOne's colocation services stand out in the UK market due to their world-class, purpose-built data centers located in key areas such as London and Slough, offering exceptional service and tailored solutions for clients. Data centers such as LON1, LON2, and LON5 provide excellent choices for cloud providers, integrators, and companies. These data centers have strategic locations and offer carrier-neutral services. 

These facilities deliver substantial IT power, with LON1 alone offering 8.72MW of IT power, catering to the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age. CyrusOne is dedicated to offering top-notch colocation services with dependable connectivity. They have many data centers in Europe, including in the United Kingdom and England.

This combination of strategic location, tailored solutions, and robust infrastructure sets CyrusOne apart in the competitive UK market.


In conclusion, the United Kingdom's prominence as a vital hub for colocation services is underpinned by its strategic significance, robust infrastructure, and the presence of top-tier data center providers.

Businesses seeking exceptional colocation solutions can benefit from the UK's competitive market, diverse connectivity options, and access to globally renowned service providers.

The top colocation providers in the UK are leading the industry. They offer high levels of security, connectivity, and operational excellence. These services are designed to assist businesses with their digital projects. The UK is important in global colocation. It offers a reliable and innovative environment for businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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