Troubleshooting in a Multi-Cloud Environment

19 Jul 2022 by Multicloud

For several years, businesses have been migrating data, applications, and development work to the cloud in larger quantities.

As they advance their digital transformations and cope with the new problems posed by the global health crisis and its influence on business processes, more companies are starting or expanding multi-cloud strategies than ever before.

Managing several suppliers in a single sitting, on the other hand, presents specific challenges.

The Three Most Prevalent Multi-Cloud Issues

In this article, you will discover some recommendations for troubleshooting three of the most prevalent multi-cloud issues:

Connectivity Problems

It is faster to move data around within the same cloud architecture than sending it across the internet. This option means that network bandwidth and latency rates must get considered while working with multi-cloud architectures.

Fortunately, your IT department may use the strategies listed below to minimize connectivity problems to a minimum.

  • Large amounts of data should not be stored in one cloud and processed in another.
  • Before transmitting data to another cloud, compress it.
  • If you want to increase the stability of your workloads by mirroring them over two or more clouds, be sure that each cloud's instance of the workload can run independently when not synchronized.


When monitoring several clouds, identifying performance and availability issues can be tough. You may avoid this problem by using a reputable cloud monitoring program.

Nevertheless, effective multi-cloud performance monitoring requires that the tool understands how the cloud's workload works. The monitoring tool must identify that the two workloads are running in distinct clouds, even though they are connected, and rely on each other to inform you of incoming difficulties.


One of the benefits of cloud computing is increasing resources for workloads based on demand swiftly. When done across numerous clouds, however, this can be challenging.

You can arrange autoscaling for each cloud separately in this regard. Your IT team should not have to put in a lot of work to implement this strategy. Teams can rely on a universal control plane to manage their multi-clouds if this technique does not work.

The Correlation Between App and Network Performance

The key to detecting an error in delivering an application is to correlate app and network performance metrics.

Application-aware Network Performance Management, also known as Monitoring Applications from a Network Perspective, provides the correlation between application and network performance statistics in this regard. It gives you detailed visibility into the influence of your apps on your network and vice versa, and it assists you in pinpointing the specific location of the problem.


One of IT management's key goals is to provide a favorable end-user experience, dependent on performance and availability.Cloud providers are constantly providing new services and updates as a result, and the market as a whole is quite dynamic. The challenge now is for IT and business leaders to keep up with the latest developments and make necessary modifications.

Multi-cloud systems are becoming increasingly popular, and this trend shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As multi-cloud strategies grow more entrenched in all businesses, it is more important than ever to ensure that you can optimize your multi-cloud strategy while protecting and securing your most strategic resource: your data.

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