True North: The Node Pole Attracts Another Data Center

15 May 2014 by Technology

"With its naturally cold climate, nearby hydro-electric power and lots of wind: it's not just elves that are making The North Pole a commerce destination: along with Facebook, KnCMiner, a new company, Hydro66, announced the build of its datacenter in Lulea, Sweden.

The Hydro-Dam at Lulea River Supplying Power to Hydro66's DataCenter
Hydro66, a London-based company that offers ground-breaking hosting services that hopes to dramatically change the impact of companies running power-hungry IT services has on the environment and will lower their operational costs dramatically when compared to traditional data centers in the UK, Europe, US and Asia-Pacific regions.

The company has made a significant investment in Boden, the area nearest the Arctic Circle where the rapid-deploy datacenter will be based. Hydro66 also hopes to bring their ideals of sharing power on a wholesale basis with other companies.

Hydro66's datacenter will harness the power of the Luleå Älv River, which, in comparison, produces 4,200 MW of green hydropower which is twice that generated by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, located near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Besides the naturally low ambient temperature, the river and the northern wind, the area boasts an impressive statistic: Boden's power grid has had 100% Uptime since 1979! This stat alone makes the area a very attractive site for companies not just looking to go green, but who want to have a datacenter with as much uptime as possible.

According to Hydro66's CTO Justin Fielder it's not just the area's natural resources, it's the already-in-place infrastructure and skilled IT force in the area - (it doesn't hurt that the area has'¦) ""dark fiber connections that offer almost unlimited capacity"".

With The Node Pole investment group, Facebook (who's still in construction of its 2nd Lulea data center), KnCMiner (a Bitcoin mining company), Hydro66 will literally be sitting on top of the world with some of the world's biggest data center power users.
The Flagpole at The Node Pole
It will be interesting to see how Hydro66 ranks on Greenpeace's list of green data centers - as far as can see, the company is doing everything ""right"" to make one powerful and very ""Green"" datacenter.

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