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1 Apr 2021 by Datacenters.com Technology

What is AppSmart Unleash? Why Should You Register? And, What About a Drone? I had the opportunity to dive into these topics and more with Brian Leonard, VP of Marketing at AppSmart.

[Kyle] Tell me a bit of the thinking that went into creating this event. What was the driving force?

Technology Advisors are 100% the driving force for AppSmart Unleash. This digital event is the premier gathering of Technology Advisors and business experts united by one mission: Growth. These Technology Advisors include technology consultants, trusted advisors, telecom agents, MSPs, VARs, integrators and IT solution providers of every kind. These individuals are highly skilled at working with companies to understand their goals and IT challenges and helping them find, buy and manage some or all of their business technology services. 

AppSmart Unleash is simply the best place to hear exactly what's working when selling in this post-pandemic world.  Just as importantly, they’ll learn what’s NOT working so they don’t waste their time and money.    AppSmart Unleash, scheduled for April 20 -21, is all about empowering Technology Advisors to sell more, earn more and scale their businesses through industry best practices. 

[Kyle] Can you elaborate a little on the role of Technology Advisors? 

Sure. As business technology buyers embrace digital transformation, they really want and need guidance from technology experts who have their best interests in mind. Their only other alternative is to rely on the sales team from the provider, and we all know that while they may be talented, they’re biased towards their own company and solution.

Customers want help around how to find, buy and manage hundreds of technology solutions including their data centers, connectivity, mobility, software, infrastructure, managed services, devices, and energy services. That's where AppSmart excels and where our top Technology Advisors are thriving.  We want them to continue doing so while also achieving next-level business growth. 

[Kyle] So what can attendees expect at AppSmart Unleash?  

Technology Advisors can expect to hear anything and everything about business technology services, including top technology trends, proven sales strategies, and hyper-growth tools - all shared from top-performing Technology Advisors.  

They'll also learn the latest approaches to lead generation, solution selling, cross-selling, customer retention, project management and business negotiations. 

[Kyle] You mention customer engagement, which is key in the sales cycle. How does this event differ from other events?

The best Technology Advisors build trust with clients and provide value to the customers after the sale.  But this is really hard to do as you grow, and many Technology Advisors see churn as a result.  On top of sales strategies, at AppSmart Unleash, advisors will also learn what all the chatter is about surrounding the AppSmart WorkSpace and how it drives customer engagement. They'll see a demo on the AppSmart platform functionality and learn how to leverage them both to engage customers. They’ll learn how the platform drives efficiencies to promote customer engagement and, in turn, drive growth. It's time well spent for Technology Advisors that want to grow in 2021. 

[Kyle] Who are some of the speakers that attendees can expect to hear from at the event?

There are so many valuable sessions at AppSmart Unleash. One panel provides a step-by-step guide to nurturing current customer accounts to maximize cross-selling opportunities. There's also a business growth panel where industry trailblazers reveal lessons learned.  You can check out the full speaker Unleash lineup here. 

Unleash also features keynotes from industry masterminds, such as Chris Voss, Founder and CEO The Black Swan Group Ltd. Chris is a former lead international hostage negotiator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Talk about learning negotiation skills from the best of the best!

Also speaking at Unleash is an industry- powerhouse Aaron Ross, a former sales superstar at Salesforce who helped grow Salesforce from $5 million to $US 100 million. 

Aaron also co-wrote a book with Jason Lemkin, diving into the idea of creating predictable revenue and driving long-term value with customers. The book covers a lot, but it centers around '7 Ingredients of Hypergrowth.' 

[Kyle] What made you decide to partner with datacenters.com to promote this event? 

We think the team at  Datacenters.com is putting these innovative selling and customer success strategies into practice every day - and with great success. Since 2011, their audience and target market has remained clear - organizations that need access to a highly accurate and reliable data center directory, all delivered from providers and Technology Advisors they can trust. We like their business model and how they've targeted a niche, and how they’re executing. 

[Kyle] Is there anything else you want to mention? What's on your mind?

At AppSmart, we see a tremendous opportunity out there for Technology Advisors looking to digitally transform and to help their customers digitally transform. Those advisors who drive efficiencies through digital platforms and deliver tailored customer interactions are in the best position for growth.

That’s why we’re so thrilled about the AppSmart Unleash event! It’s a one-of-a-kind lineup of top-performing Technology Advisors who are sharing their strategies for achieving next-level growth. Not to mention some of the cool tech we will be giving away, like the DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. 

Attendees will have a chance to win the sleek and powerful Mavic Air 2 drone that captures HDR video for next-level content. All they have to do is register now and attend the event.  Can’t wait to see you there, friends!

Review the full speaker Appsmart Unleash lineup and register today!


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