Provider Brochure: Bluebird Data Centers

Bluebird Network Colocation: An Empowering IT Strategy

Secure, Reliable, and Fast Data Hosting Services for Every Business Size

Bluebird Network's Colocation service is a premier physical hosting solution designed to accommodate the data-driven infrastructure of businesses of all sizes. Offering meticulously maintained space with optimal power, cooling, and security, this service ensures your data is not only safeguarded but also readily accessible. Whether you require a few rack units or a custom-tailored floor plan, Bluebird Network promises a highly secure and private environment for your IT needs. Key features include Cloud Connect, VirtualPOP, Dedicated Internet Access, and Remote Hands, alongside robust data center services and upgrades. Situated outside major Midwest cities' power grids, in locations shielded from tornadoes and significant earthquake threats, Bluebird Network guarantees unparalleled reliability and security for your critical data.

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