Provider Brochure: Centersquare

Centersquare Data Centers: Revolutionizing Enterprise Digital Infrastructure

Pioneering Advanced Data Solutions for Modern Business Needs

Centersquare Data Centers provides a future-ready, extensible data center platform, offering a blend of agility and control through intelligent automation and infrastructure on-demand. This platform is meticulously designed to meet today's digital demands, providing businesses with the tools they need for rapid deployment and effective management of data center resources. With 1.9 million square feet of space across 18 key markets, Centersquare supports enterprises with a robust 400 MW of power expansion capacity and a global footprint ideal for scaling digital operations. The Centersquare Digital Exchange is built on a software-programmable, massively scalable network fabric that allows on-demand provisioning of storage, compute, networking, and management services. Furthermore, the company's API-driven, carrier-neutral platform enables secure, direct, and dynamic connectivity, facilitating seamless integration with 200+ cloud on-ramps and 1000+ network services. This makes Centersquare an excellent choice for businesses looking to leverage a digital exchange that supports fast, fault-tolerant, and cost-effective connectivity solutions.

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