Provider Brochure: TRG Datacenters

A Comparative Analysis

Leading Data Center Services in Houston Examined for Optimal Business Solutions

This analysis highlights TRG Datacenters as a standout performer in providing high-quality data center services compared to Digital Realty and Equinix in Houston, Texas. TRG Datacenters excels with its state-of-the-art 150,000 square foot facility that features a 2(N+1) reliability configuration, ensuring unmatched uptime and system redundancy. Unique selling points include free 24/7 remote hands service, robust hurricane resistance rated for 185+ MPH winds, and strategic location outside the 500-year floodplain—elevated three feet above ground level. Furthermore, TRG offers on-site replacement parts for every system and utilizes pure lead batteries for ultra-fast discharge response. In contrast, Digital Realty and Equinix have limitations such as additional costs for remote hands services, longer generator start times, and facilities located in areas susceptible to flooding and high crime rates. TRG's approach to redundancy, customer service, and comprehensive onsite security measures, including five layers of security and customizable options, positions it as the superior choice for businesses prioritizing reliability and safety in their data center operations.

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