About is a compliance driven data center and technology campus in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. Located in a reliably mild climate with an average of 280 days of sunshine a year, a lack of natural disasters, and a power grid independent of the Eastern and Central US, New Mexico is the ideal location for your colocation needs.

Data Center Space

Our 4 story building is over 65,000 square feet with 15,000 square feet of dedicated data center space. Rack space ranges from 1/2 cabinets, full cabinets, to completely customizable suites and cages.


Each cabinet automatically comes with 20 amps of power. With multiple UPS systems with N+1 and N+N redundancy and an 8,000 gallon diesel generator,  bigbyte promises a 100% uptime guarantee, or your money back.                     


Dual entrances with concrete casing vaults offer security for carrier connections at the bigbyte facility. maintains cable plants to allow connectivity via fiber or copper to your carriers of choice.

                Plant Options Include:

  • ·  CAT-6 & CAT-6A
  • ·  DS3 Coaxial Cabling
  • · Single Mode & Multimode Fiber


bigbyte’s secure campus is monitored by 24/7 on site security and digital video activity recording. Our data center is only accessible by multi-factor authentication badge points and biometric scanners.

Collaboration Space

Bigbyte is here to help with scalable office solutions for teams of any size. From private office spaces for individuals, co-working conference rooms, training rooms, and event space.  

Client Amenities

In addition to work spaces, bigbyte offers clients with amenities such as kitchen access, wireless internet for personal devices, and even a relaxation room equipped with beds and privacy curtains.

Bigbyte Smart Network

Every client has the option to cross connect to the bigbyte Smart Network, a multi-homed saleable network within the facility with monitored, reported usage.
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