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Datacate, Inc
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Datacate, Inc Overview

Datacate was founded by a team of professionals that understand the importance and value of comprehensive Internet solutions. We are dedicated to providing secure, reliable, high-availability services to our clients, marked by excellence in service and support, so that they can focus their time and effort toward growing their business. Datacate’s cloud services portal offers you a global infrastructure for deployment, management and scaling of cloud resources, via a ridiculously easy-to-use self-service interface. Intuitive features and controls, a short learning curve, on-demand upgrades and powerful options make our system quick and painless. Ditch the hardware. Use our global Virtual Data…


Cabinets Yes
Cages Yes
Colocation Services Yes
Dedicated Servers Yes
High Density Yes
Managed Hosting Yes
Per Unit Yes
Rack Space Yes
Remote Hands Yes
Cloud Assessments Yes
Cloud Migration Yes
Managed Services Yes
Professional Services Yes
Cyber Security Services Yes
Managed Firewall Yes
Monitoring Yes
Security Encryption Yes
BaaS Yes
Cloud Services Yes
DRaaS Yes
Hybrid Yes
IaaS Yes
DaaS Yes
Managed Yes
PaaS Yes
Private Yes
Public Yes
Storage Yes

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Datacate, Inc

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