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At Datacate, we know how crucial it is to have comprehensive Internet solutions. Our team of professionals is committed to providing secure, reliable, and high-availability services that allow our clients to focus on their business growth. With our cloud services portal, you can effortlessly deploy, manage, and scale your cloud resources through an intuitive self-service interface. Our system offers easy-to-use features and controls, quick learning curve, on-demand upgrades, and powerful options. Say goodbye to hardware and embrace our global Virtual Data solution.

Office in a Box

Streamline your telephone, email/messaging, work group software, and mission-critical applications.

Virtual Desktops

Look and act just like local computer desktops; your staff will barely notice the difference!
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Datacate, Inc Data Centers (2 Locations)

Datacate, Inc
SJC1 Bay Area Santa Clara Data Center
2151 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA, USA
Datacate, Inc
SMF1 Sacramento Rancho Cordova Data Center
2999 Gold Canal Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA, USA