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About LCL Belgium

With years of expertise in data centers and colocation services, LCL is a leading provider in the industry. Offering secure environments for customer data and carrier-neutral interconnection, we operate five independent data centers in strategic locations. Our commitment to innovation, customer service, security, and environmental sustainability sets us apart as a market leader. Join us for reliable ICT infrastructure solutions backed by a dedicated team that truly cares.

High Security

We secure our three data centers. This concerns physical security such as fencing, camera surveillance, access control, fire and leak detection and cooling, as well as redundancy.

We Are the Best at What We Do

Housing the servers is after all the core competence of our business We have the expertise, a specialized team and we are available around the clock if necessary.
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LCL Belgium Data Centers (5 Locations)

LCL Belgium
Antwerp Data Center
Noorderlaan 133, Antwerp, Belgium
LCL Belgium
Brussels North Data Center
Kouterveldstraat 13, Diegem 1831 Machelen, Belgium
LCL Belgium
Brussels South Data Center
Gustave Demeurslaan 132, Huizingen 1654 Beersel, Belgium
LCL Belgium
Brussels West Data Center
Industrielaan 3A, 9320 Aalst, Belgium
LCL Belgium
Wallonia One Data Center
Rue Guillaume Fouquet 17, 5032 Gembloux, Belgium