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NTT Communications Overview

About NTT Communications

As part of the NTT Group, NTT Communications harnesses the vast strategic assets and resources of one of the world’s largest information and communications technology (ICT) companies. We provide a wide range of innovative global solutions including cloud, network and security services, helping customers to work quickly, strengthen their competitiveness, enter new markets, and develop new businesses. Let us help you refocus your IT personnel on strategic business initiatives and gain the flexibility to optimize your operational efficiency.

Partnering with NTT Communications lets you virtually extend your IT staff and services portfolio, freeing your valuable in-house experts and resources for critical strategic initiatives.

  • - Over $100 billion annual revenue (NTT Group)
  • - Network presence in 196 countries with subsidiaries in over 40 countries
  • - 1st global cloud with SDN
  • - #1 in data centers worldwide
  • - Top 2 global IP backbone provider
  • - Over 20 years experience managing tens of thousands of servers in data centers around the world


Cloud Connectivity Yes
Cross Connects Yes
Interconnection Yes
Private Line Yes
Professional Services Yes
Connectivity Services Yes
Private Suites Yes
Cages Yes
Remote Hands Yes
Ethernet Yes
Managed Services Yes
Dedicated Servers Yes
Cabinets Yes
Colocation Services Yes
Managed Hosting Yes
Rack Space Yes
Per Unit Yes
High Density Yes
Cloud Assessments Yes
Cloud Migration Yes
Cyber Security Services Yes
DDoS Mitigation Yes
Managed Firewall Yes
Monitoring Yes
Security Encryption Yes
Vulnerability Scanning Yes
Cloud Services Yes
DRaaS Yes
Hybrid Yes
IaaS Yes
Managed Yes
PaaS Yes
Private Yes
Public Yes
Storage Yes
DaaS Yes
BaaS Yes
Storage & Backup Yes
Disaster Recovery Services Yes
Business Continuity Yes
Managed Network Yes

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