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About Serverius IT Infrastructure

Serverius is a leading European IT infrastructure provider offering carrier services, data center colocation, DDoS protection, and S3 Object Storage. Our clients include large internet platforms, European data centers, cloud providers, and more who rely on us for top-notch internet infrastructure services.

Specializing in colocation, connectivity, and cybersecurity solutions in the Netherlands, Serverius caters to international companies seeking premium IT services in Europe. As a prominent colocation data center and network infrastructure supplier in the Amsterdam region, we deliver the highest service quality for those looking to establish a European presence.


Multiple carriers, ISPs, and Internet Exchanges, connecting directly to the NL-IX SPEED IX and AMS-IX, the largest Internet Exchange in the Netherlands


Skilled NOC engineers who will monitor, manage and maintain your private infrastructure

Cybersecurity Services

Our all-in-one solution automatically prevents DDoS attacks and Web Application vulnerability attacks

High Density

Serverius offers high density data center environments to co-locate your hardware infrastructures; pre-configured or tailor-made colocation that can handle up to 20 kW of power per rack
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Serverius IT Infrastructure Data Centers (3 Locations)

Serverius IT Infrastructure
SDC1 Data Center
De Linge 26, 8253 PJ Dronten, Netherlands
Serverius IT Infrastructure
SDC2 Data Center
Ketelskamp 10, 7942 KG Meppel, Netherlands
Serverius IT Infrastructure
SDC3 Data Center
Laan van de Ram 39, 7324 BW Apeldoorn, Gelderland, The Netherlands