Iron Mountain: Challenges, Drivers and Opportunities for Gaming Digital Infrastructure

Learn about the pivotal drivers behind the gaming industry including partnerships, streaming, and supply chains

Iron Mountain Data Centers explores the gaming industry in this fresh case study. The negative impact of the Covid pandemic on AAA game launches has been described as 'just a speed bump' as the industry powers on at 7%+ CAR towards 3 billion players worldwide and $200 billion in value. While overall revenues dipped, time spent gaming went up almost 40% in 2020, creating a whole new set of players and opportunities, and delayed console launches were quick to offset the slowdown in 2021.

But in the midst of growth the industry is restructuring fast, driven by an overwhelming need for speed. Gaming is a pioneer business in terms of creativity, user demand and the infrastructure that supports it.

Where gaming goes, others follow. This puts pressure on gaming businesses to make first-mover decisions about new technologies and undeveloped markets. As cloud infrastructure providers move into the front end of the market. this has never been more true for the gaming sector.

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