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Data Center Brochure: Quincy Data Center

Sustainable and Secure Data Solutions in Washington

Eco-Friendly Colocation Services in Quincy, Washington

H5 Data Centers Quincy is a cutting-edge facility located in Quincy, Washington, offering businesses sustainable and secure data solutions. Spanning across an impressive area, this data center is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern enterprises, providing robust colocation services within an eco-friendly infrastructure. Key features include a highly efficient power usage effectiveness (PUE), leveraging Quincy's naturally cool climate for cost-effective cooling solutions, and utilizing hydroelectric power for a greener operation. The facility offers diverse connectivity options, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Security measures include multi-factor authentication, 24/7 onsite security personnel, and comprehensive video surveillance. H5 Data Centers Quincy represents an ideal partnership for businesses prioritizing environmental responsibility without compromising on data center excellence.

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