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The Quebec, Canada Data Centers Market includes a total of 35 data centers and 11 data center providers.
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The Quebec data center market is experiencing significant growth and has become a hub of connectivity and technological advancements. With a robust infrastructure and a favorable business environment, Quebec offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking colocation facilities.

Let's explore the distinct features that set Quebec's colocation market apart and highlight how can assist businesses in finding the ideal colocation facilities.

Favorable Business Environment

Quebec's colocation market thrives due to its favorable business environment. The province offers attractive incentives for businesses, including tax benefits and government support for technology-driven initiatives. Additionally, Quebec is known for its affordable energy costs, which is a crucial factor for data centers that require substantial power consumption. These advantages make Quebec an appealing destination for businesses looking to establish their colocation facilities.

High Connectivity Ecosystem

Quebec's connectivity ecosystem is another key feature that sets it apart in the colocation market. The province has invested heavily in building a robust telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring high-speed connectivity and low latency for businesses. This connectivity extends not only within Quebec but also to other major cities in Canada and North America. Montreal, in particular, ranks as Canada's top data center market and houses over 30 data centers, contributing to the overall connectivity of the region.

Proximity to Canadian Businesses

Quebec's strategic location and proximity to a significant number of Canadian businesses make it an ideal choice for colocation facilities. With approximately 80% of Canadian businesses located within close proximity, data centers in Quebec can efficiently serve the needs of these businesses. Moreover, being only 370 miles away from New York City, Quebec is well-positioned to cater to international businesses as well.

Sustainability and Renewable Energy

The colocation market in Quebec prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. The province has made substantial investments in green energy initiatives, making it a leader in sustainable data center operations. Quebec's abundant hydroelectric power resources provide a reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy for data centers, reducing their carbon footprint significantly. Your Gateway to the Quebec Colocation Market

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In conclusion, Quebec's colocation market offers a thriving ecosystem of reliable infrastructure, favorable business environment, high connectivity, and a commitment to sustainability. As businesses seek to leverage colocation facilities for their data storage and application needs, Quebec stands out as an excellent destination. 

With as your trusted partner, businesses can navigate the complexities of the industry and secure the ideal colocation facilities to support their growth and success.

Top 10 Colocation Providers

Equinix246 locations
IBM Cloud
IBM Cloud45 locations
Cologix43 locations
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure41 locations
Oracle40 locations
LeaseWeb32 locations
iTel Networks Inc.
iTel Networks Inc.18 locations
eStruxture15 locations
OVH8 locations
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