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The Taipei City, Taiwan Data Centers Market includes a total of 9 data centers and 6 data center providers.
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The Taipei City colocation market in Taiwan presents a compelling blend of connectivity, growth potential, and strategic positioning within the Asia-Pacific region. The city's pivotal role as the #1 data center market in Taiwan underscores its unique appeal as a vibrant hub for organizations seeking resilient and high-performance colocation solutions in the EMEA region. Furthermore, the Taiwan Data Center Market is estimated to reach 304.17 MW by 2029, reflecting the region's significant growth potential and its pivotal role in accommodating the expanding requirements of businesses.

Taipei's strategic location within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region positions it as an ideal gateway for international enterprises seeking access to a well-connected and secure colocation environment. The city's concentration of data center facilities, coupled with its status as a major hotspot in the country, amplifies its competitive edge, offering a diverse array of options and services that cater to the varying requirements of businesses seeking colocation hosting in the region. This strategic clustering of data center providers not only enhances accessibility and connectivity for businesses but also fosters an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration within the digital ecosystem, setting Taipei apart as a dynamic and forward-looking colocation market.

The projected investment growth in the Taiwan data center market, expected to surge from $1.42 billion in 2022 to $3.21 billion by 2028, signifies Taipei's emergence as a pivotal node in the global data center network. This influx of investment reflects the city's competitive advantages, technological readiness, and capacity for sustained growth, further solidifying its unique position as an attractive choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge colocation solutions with a global perspective.

The convergence of robust infrastructure, strategic location, and substantial investment potential collectively positions Taipei City as a dynamic and resilient colocation market, appealing to organizations seeking top-tier data hosting solutions in the heart of Taiwan.


Companies looking for secure and affordable data center options in the Asia-Pacific region can rely on the Taiwan colocation market. It is an important and strong choice for businesses. Taiwan is a great place for companies to set up their business because it has a good location, modern infrastructure, helpful government policies, and a growing economy driven by data.

As more and more people need colocation services, Taiwan is becoming a major hub for it. This will help create new ideas and boost the economy in the digital world.

Top 6 Colocation Providers

Zenlayer97 locations
Psychz Networks
Psychz Networks19 locations
Chief Telecom
Chief Telecom1 location
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