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The Atlanta, Georgia, United States Data Centers Market includes a total of 55 data centers and 36 data center providers.
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The city of Atlanta has experienced a significant shift in the data center industry, evolving from a colocation-focused market to a thriving destination for wholesale data storage. In recent years, Atlanta has witnessed a data center building boom, attracting growing interest from hyperscale users. With a booming colocation market and favorable business environment, Atlanta has positioned itself as a top data center hub in the United States.

What Sets Atlanta Apart

Atlanta's colocation market offers several advantages that make it an attractive choice for businesses seeking to store their data:

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Atlanta boasts robust infrastructure and reliable connectivity, making it an ideal location for data center facilities. The city has invested heavily in fiber optic networks and has a strong telecommunications backbone, ensuring fast and secure data transmission.

Affordable Power Cost

Another factor contributing to Atlanta's appeal is its affordable power cost. The region benefits from competitive electricity rates, reducing operational expenses for businesses. This cost advantage enables companies to allocate resources more efficiently, allowing them to invest in other aspects of their operations.

Strategic Geographical Location

Atlanta is in a good spot in the Southeast United States. It is easy to get to from other places. Companies can access a lot of customers because it has connections to many cities nearby.

Business-Friendly Environment

Atlanta's business-friendly environment further enhances its attractiveness as a colocation market. The city has a favorable regulatory climate, offering incentives and tax breaks for data center operators. This supportive ecosystem encourages investment and innovation in the industry.

Growing Data Center Demand

Atlanta's data center market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by increasing demand from various industries. With the expansion of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and IoT technologies, businesses require scalable and secure data storage solutions. Atlanta's colocation market has responded to this demand by offering state-of-the-art facilities and services.

Connect with Solution Providers

In this competitive market, businesses seeking colocation solutions can turn to for assistance. is uniquely positioned to help secure suitable colocation options in Atlanta.

Comprehensive Market Insights provides comprehensive market insights into the Atlanta colocation market. They stay up-to-date with the latest trends, developments, and available facilities in the region. This knowledge enables them to match businesses with the most suitable colocation providers based on their specific requirements.

Vast Network of Providers has established relationships with a vast network of colocation providers in Atlanta. They have access to a wide range of facilities, from small-scale operations to large wholesale data centers. This extensive network allows them to source the best-fit solutions for businesses, ensuring scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Expert Guidance and Support helps businesses decide which colocation solution is best for them. We have experts who can help you look at the features different facilities offer and help you negotiate a contract. makes it easy to find the right solution for your business needs.

With Atlanta's thriving colocation market and the expertise of, businesses can confidently navigate the competitive landscape and secure the ideal data storage solutions for their needs.


Atlanta is a popular place for businesses to locate their operations in the United States. It has strong infrastructure, inexpensive power prices, is conveniently located, and is welcoming to companies. As data storage needs continue to grow, Atlanta's colocation market is well-positioned to cater to diverse industries' demands. plays a crucial role in assisting businesses in finding the right colocation solutions in this competitive market. With their market insights, extensive network of providers, and expert guidance, ensures that businesses can navigate the complexities of the Atlanta colocation market and secure reliable and scalable data storage solutions tailored to their needs.

As the demand for secure and efficient data storage solutions continues to rise, Atlanta's colocation market will remain a hub for businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective options. With the support of industry experts like, businesses can confidently embrace the opportunities offered by Atlanta's thriving colocation market.

Top 10 Colocation Providers

Equinix246 locations
Digital Realty
Digital Realty231 locations
Lumen105 locations
Zenlayer97 locations
DataBank69 locations
Hivelocity45 locations
Enzu45 locations
EdgeConnex43 locations
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