Anacondaweb positions itself with the largest Data Center in the capital of the Araucanía

11 Jul 2019 by Giles Dawson

Anacondaweb recently inaugurated its new Data Center in the city of Temuco, with the participation of important visitors such as the CORFO Regional Director, Ricardo Rojas, who indicated that "what is being generated with this project is very interesting”, about an infrastructure recently built, which can accommodate up to 800 servers. This includes, among other measures, redundant data links, specialized electrical services to solve the high demand of energy, energy backup systems, fire control systems, monitoring system and permanent security, in addition to continuous support 24 hours a day, all to serve more than 10 thousand customers throughout Chile and abroad. 

Mauricio Colomera, Anacondaweb Operations Manager, said that "entrepreneurs can bring their projects to this new datacentre, just as they would anywhere in the world where they need a high quality service; although the data today can reside in La Araucanía we offer this service with a world class quality, we have hosting service for servers, connectivity services, also e-commerce solutions".

The computer company Anacondaweb S.A. is part of the European holding Garland and offers  wide range of services, which mainly operate on the Internet, which include, for example, the sale of domains, corporate email services, hosting service, cloud servers, collocation of servers, implementation of web projects, among others.

20Professionals work in the Anacondaweb Temuco Datacentre, who already operate a datacentre in Santiago where the head office is based.


Giles Dawson

CEO and founder of Anacondaweb in Chile in the year 2000.

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