Benefits of Software-Defined Networking

18 Feb 2015 by Technology

"Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a brand new way to design, create and maintain networks. It is often considered a disruptive technology that makes networks completely programmable by ordinary programmers, using standard software, on commonly used operating systems hosting on any server.


By separating the control logic from the computing resources that are off-device, an SDN centralizes control of the network. Every SDN model has an SDN controller in addition to southbound and northbound APIs.

These elements of the SDN can be defined as:
Controllers: SDN Controllers act as the brains of the network. They offer a centralized view of the network and enable administrators to tell the switches and routers how the forwarding plane needs to handle network traffic.
Southbound APIs: These are used to relay information to the switches and routers south or below the system.
Northbound APIs: These are used to communicate with the applications and business logic to the north of the system.

The Benefits Of An SDN

Many organizations have already started to use SDNs to improve computer systems. So what benefits are companies experiencing with their SDNs and what could you expect from applying one within your organization?

Flexibility: One of the major benefits a business can gain is the flexibility and adaptability of the network. As the demands of your business changes, so will the requirements of the networking system you have. For instance, when you open a new business site, you will need to adjust the system to incorporate the new technical infrastructure. An SDN makes this much easier.
Reduce Capital Expenditure: An SDN limits the requirement to purchase an expensive, purpose built ASIC-based networking hardware every time that you need to expand the network. Or you might buy a large network for possible future requirements. If your expansion is not realized, this can be financially draining. Instead, an SDN offers you a chance to pay as you grow. Therefore, there is less financial risk and resources can be allocated efficiently.

Reduce Operating Expenses: Algorithmic control of the network elements is more programmable. This allows those who don't have a lot of experience to design and implement an SDN while you still have a highly functional network. According to a survey of businesses already using an SDN, 35.8% of them believe that the savings made on operating expenses is the number one benefit.
Increased Reliability: SDNs are considered to be highly efficient and more reliable than other network solutions. The automatic provisioning and orchestration of resources to optimize services also reduces management time and limits the potential for human error.

Quick Implementation: When your business has a new application, service or infrastructure it wants to share with the entire user base, an SDN is the more effective way of delivering it to everyone.

Enable Innovation: If you have a lot of technically minded individuals in your organization, you can use an SDN to create new applications, services and business models. This can allow you to find a new revenue stream and add value to the network.
Increased Performance: 21.7% of businesses employing an SDN, report that their entire computing infrastructure performs significantly better.

An SDN can be an excellent choice for your new networking infrastructure. Not only can it make updating more efficient but it can also save on numerous costs including those of implementing, updating and maintaining your system. You can also save money by using your current networking team to create it.

Take Action
'¢ Create an SDN network for your business.
'¢ Compare the costs from your last network infrastructure change to the SDN change.

Are you using an SDN system at the moment? What are your experiences of using the SDN network and what benefits have you found? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!"

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