How Bare Metal Solutions Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

29 Mar 2023 by Bare Metal

As businesses grow, they require more and more computing power. For this reason, having a reliable and scalable infrastructure is essential to achieving business growth. Bare metal solutions can provide businesses with the scalability and security needed to ensure their applications remain up-to-date and running smoothly.

When we launched our Bare Metal Platform the goal was to provide global cloud services to our users. Latency is the name of the game when it comes to high performance deployments and the only way to accomplish that is to place servers where your users are.

Our Bare Metal servers are available in over 25 countries, including “hard to reach” markets such as China, Indonesia, and Western Africa. We’re constantly looking to expand our global reach so that we can assist clients with deployments in any market.

Bare metal solutions offer reduced complexity for applications as well as better performance than cloud-based services in certain scenarios. In this blog post, we’ll explain all the benefits that leveraging bare metal servers provides to organizations and how those benefits enable you to hit your growth objectives faster than ever before.

Blazing Processing Speeds and Reduced Latency

Bare metal solutions offer higher performance than virtual machines, which leads to faster processing speeds and reduced latency. This is particularly important for organizations that rely on high-performance computing, such as those in the finance or gaming industries.

In finance, real-time data analysis is essential for making informed decisions about investments and managing risk. With faster processing speeds and reduced latency, financial institutions can more quickly process large amounts of data, leading to better-informed decisions and ultimately better financial outcomes.

In gaming, faster processing speeds and reduced latency contribute to a better player experience. With seamless and near-instant game interactions, players can fully immerse themselves in games, leading to greater satisfaction, and more player retention.

Not operating in the gaming or finance sector? Not to worry, faster processing speeds and reduced latency offer a range of benefits for business growth, regardless of the sector in which an organization operates. Faster processing speeds and reduced latency can lead to heightened productivity, helping teams to complete work faster and more efficiently. This can help businesses to increase output, improve quality, and, ultimately, grow revenues.

Secondly, faster processing speeds and reduced latency can lead to greater reliability, minimizing downtime and ensuring that critical systems and applications are available when needed. This can improve the customer experience and ultimately help businesses to win and retain new customers. Faster processing speeds and reduced latency can provide a competitive edge, allowing businesses to stay ahead of competitors by accelerating innovation or time to market.

Scalability and Reliability

Greater scalability and reliability are critical in ensuring that organizations can grow quickly without encountering limitations or disruptions. Scalability allows businesses to easily and quickly scale their services up or down in response to changes in demand or growth, while reliability ensures that services are consistently available and functioning as needed.

Bare metal solutions are the ideal solutions to accomplish this due to their greater capacity to provide customized and optimized performance for specific workloads, greater control, excellent performance, and reduced hardware failure. Bare metal servers provide organizations with the ability to leverage the advantages of robust infrastructure without the need for a huge IT team.

As a result, organizations can easily scale their servers, add critical processing capacity, and grow their operations in a reliable and sustainable way. Greater scalability and reliability are essential to support fast growth, and bare metal solutions are the ideal solution to accomplish this.


The customization that bare metal deployments offer can provide organizations with significant advantages in their day-to-day operations, ultimately increasing efficiency. Bare metal deployments enable organizations to customize their infrastructure to best fit their specific needs and workloads. This ensures that the organization is utilizing the most efficient and cost-effective solution by limiting underutilized or excess resources.

Customization can also lead to greater security as the infrastructure can be tailored to fit the security needs of the organization. At, we’re one of the only platforms that allows users to fully customize bare metal bare metal requirements before engaging with solution providers.

The increased processing speeds offered by bare metal servers remove constraints on workloads, enabling increased efficiency in day-to-day operations. All these factors help increase efficiency and productivity of businesses, allowing organizations to operate at their best and get the most value out of their infrastructure.

Bare metal deployments offer organizations a high degree of customization and optimization, increasing efficiency and supporting business growth.


Bare metal deployments offer enhanced security measures for organizations that prioritize data security in their growth strategies. The security benefits provided by bare metal servers include isolation from other tenants, dedicated hardware resources, physical security, and complete control over server configuration.

These benefits aid organizations in achieving their growth goals by safeguarding mission-critical applications and data from security threats. This, in turn, enhances customer trust and confidence, which are crucial for sustainable growth.

Additionally, the flexibility provided by bare metal deployments allows for fast scalability of resources, enabling organizations to adapt to changing requirements without compromising on their security standards. Overall, bare metal deployments provide a robust and secure foundation that permits organizations to focus on their growth objectives without worrying about security breaches.

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