Montana: Exceptional Incentives to Effiiciently Run a State-of-the-Art Data Center

27 Aug 2018 by Technology

Montana - A Grand Welcoming to Data Centers

The state of Montana is opening its arms wide to data centers. They have the land, they have the climate, and now they are offering exceptional incentives to bring big data to their amazing state. 

The Challenges of Data Centers

What are the biggest challenges for data centers? Energy is extremely important and the cost to use the energy will always be an issue. Don't forget the very important factor of temperature. An interesting and informative article found on The DATACENTER Journal, "MEETING THE ENERGY-EFFICIENCY CHALLENGES OF THE DATA CENTER" by Spears, E. (2016, October 27) puts it perfectly into perspective. As the author points out, a data center "must maintain exceptionally high energy efficiency," and there are "common challenges."

  • "Extreme operating temperatures" are hard to distribute without costly operational measures.
  • "Inefficient cooling" results in high electrical bills especially in outdated buildings that have been modified with equipment dispersed throughout trying to accomplish the cooling effect.
  • "Low UPS loading" on multiple cooling units ultimately waste power and increases heat output. 

The author offers solutions to consider for maximizing energy efficiency. That leads back to why a Montana location would be ideal for a data center.

Montana - An Ideal Location for Data Centers 

While operating temperatures and inefficient cooling are challenges for data centers, Montana offers solutions to these problems. 

  • Powercomes in a variety of solutions that offer data centers attractive energy savings.
    • A choice customer state 
    • Top renewable generation 
    • In-state hydroelectricity
    • Wind generation
  • Wateris in abundance as Montana is the home to the only place on the North American continent where water flows in three different directions. 
    • Ideal sites provide water volumes required for data center cooling.
  • Cool, dry climate offers cost-saving air cooling operations.
  • Designing the state-of-the-art data center to alleviate all data center challenges.
  • Tax incentive - A new, improved tax abatement has been designed for data centers. 

Montana - A Great Location to Call Home

Not only is Montana an ideal solution to operating a data center, employees will benefit from and enjoy the state's exceptional quality of life with its pristine air and water. Montana is known for its beautiful landscapes and nature, and it has so much more as shared on LIVABILITY. "6 Reasons to Move to Montana Right Now" by Hoehn, J. (2018, January 19) gives the top reasons that make Montana a great location to call home. The state is continually growing its high-tech industry.

“Montana’s spectacular unspoiled nature and unparalleled access to public lands make for a one-of-a-kind backdrop to build and grow a business,” Montana Department of Commerce Director Pam Haxby-Cote said. “Montana’s tax climate allows companies to compete and grow, plus you’ll find hard-working Montanans known for their innovation and ingenuity.” Welcomes Your Facility

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