Salesforce Joins Other Tech Giants and Heads North of the Border with Two New Data Centers

7 Jul 2014 by Technology

"Salesforce, one of the largest and most recognized vendors in cloud software, unveiled plans for two new data centers in the newest site for the the ever emerging data center market, in Canada. The announcement was made at Salesforce1 World Tour in Toronto.

As with many cloud vendors, Salesforce has recognized the growing need for the Canadian customer base. What was once a definitive border between the U.S. and Canada when it came to the needs of its customers, that border is no more, with many tech giants piggy-backing on each other for use of the ever-growing need for power and data storage especially on the east coast.
Salesforce Offices - Notice the ""Anti-Software"" Sign
The data centers are to be built to support the company's customer relationship management (CRM) services (according to analyst Gartner, Salesforce is the fastest growing company out of the top 10 software vendors in the world, and the top selling cloud based CRM software in Canada.)

Additionally, Salesforce has splintered into 20 different Independent Software Vendors or ISVs - including in these some-what autonomous companies are Aria Solutions and Vidyard with are using Salesforce's data centers to house and distribute their next generation business apps.

And that's not all: Move over Google Glass as Salesforce is branching out into Salesforce Wearables - a group used to stimulate growth in the Canadian Tech wearables market. Thalmic Labs and Bionym are two vendors are working with Salesforce to help developers build wearable apps.

According to Salesforce's EVP Mike Rosenbaum:""Canada is a critical part of our global strategy and our plans for Canadian data centersreflect that, so more leading Canadian companies are asking Salesforce to connect with their customers in a whole new way.""

And added: ""With Salesforce, we can do things now that we could only dream of a few years ago.""

Salesforce is also branching out into the European data center market with plans to build more data centers across the pond. One data center is scheduled for an August opening with two more slated for France and Germany.

One thing is for sure, now cloud-based companies are taking the datacenter build into their own hands, no longer reliant on carrier hotels or leased-space: the cloud giants are becoming reliant on themselves to produce, manufacture and now store the cloud on their own time and dime: which will probably save a lot of both going into the future."

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