Unlocking the Secrets to Thriving in the European Market

15 Mar 2023 by Datacenters.com Bare Metal

Expanding your operations into Europe can be a thrilling prospect for any business. With access to the world’s largest economy and consumer base, opportunities for growth are almost limitless. Doing business abroad can be complicated. Data needs to be managed carefully and quickly because things can change in an instant.

Before a business moves to another country, it is important for them to know exactly what kind of data they need. This will help make sure the move goes well.

This blog post will explain important things companies should think about before starting to expand into Europe.

Opportunities in Europe

The technology industry in Europe has been getting bigger and better over the past few years. This makes it an attractive place for businesses to go. As businesses large and small continue to embrace digital transformation, they are showing a keen interest in the European market due to its competitive prices and infrastructure as well as support from government policies.

European governments have implemented a variety of policies to help promote growth in the technology sector. These include initiatives such as tax incentives for tech firms, research and development grants, and measures to make it easier for foreign companies to set up operations in Europe.

Governments have also invested heavily in infrastructure such as high-speed broadband networks and data centers, providing businesses with an improved platform to develop their services or products. All these efforts are geared towards encouraging innovation and increasing competition in the tech sector, helping to create more jobs and drive economic growth throughout Europe.

Consider all the Hurdles

Despite the attractive prospects of doing business in Europe, companies can face a range of challenges when trying to expand into this market. Inadequate research and an incomplete grasp of regulations and customs can lead to costly mistakes that could damage the reputation of the business.

For this reason, it is essential for enterprises looking to expand into Europe to consult those already familiar with the area in order to ensure a smooth transition. Datacenters.com offers free consultations with technology experts in order to assist organizations take inventory of their existing and future deployments.

In order to successfully expand into new markets, businesses must adopt a data-first approach. This means collecting and analyzing data about the customer base in each target market, so that strategies can be tailored accordingly.

By using AI-powered analytics tools, businesses can track their performance across different markets in order to identify areas for improvement and maximize returns on investments. Adopting a data-driven strategy is essential for enterprises looking to grow their operations beyond their current reach.

Deploy Colocation

Colocation solutions are one of those tools that have become essential over the years due to their cost-efficiency and expansive range of features and services. With more companies opting for remote work arrangements, it's important to remain connected and understand the different colocation options available.

Datacenters.com has developed a platform for the Datacenter Colocation providers to compete for your business that takes just 2-3 minutes to create and submit a customized colocation RFP that will automatically engage you and your business with the top 10 datacenter providers in the world.

Choosing the right colocation provider is critical to the success of your business. Staying ahead of the competition requires research and due diligence when it comes to choosing a colocation provider that will offer you the best services for your specific needs.

Deploy Bare Metal

Bare metal deployments provide companies with the ability to reliably maintain a data-first approach utilizing physical machines when expanding into new markets. Leveraging bare metal solutions help companies avoid noisy neighbors and eliminates the need for cloud-based services, allowing for more direct access to data, providing better control and security.

Bare metal cloud makes it easy for companies to work with high performance databases without worrying about their virtual systems getting overloaded. Using bare metal solutions can save money in the long run and it gives companies more freedom to decide how big they want their deployments configured.

Bare metal servers can also help organizations remain compliant with regulations in new markets that they are expanding into. With these solutions, companies can have complete control of their dedicated server, ensuring that all data is stored securely and that access is limited to authorized personnel only.

Additionally, organizations can deploy specific configurations tailored to the laws and regulations of the target market. Moreover, bare metal virtualization is easily adaptable to any changes in legislation or industry standards; this helps organizations maintain compliance while scaling their operations across multiple markets. By utilizing bare metal deployments when entering new markets, organizations will be able to ensure their operations remain in compliance with local regulations.

Companies looking to adopt a data-first approach when expanding into new markets should consider leveraging bare metal solutions. Datacenters.com offers free consultations from our team of technology experts.

Take a few moments to discuss your IT environment and how we can help your organization maximize all of the benefits of bare metal servers.

Getting Prepared

Having the correct data structure and making sure that your plans for expanding into other countries matches with your business aims is very important for success. Companies must ensure that their data architecture is robust enough to handle both local and international operations, with appropriate security controls in place to protect sensitive data.

Additionally, it is essential that organizations develop an effective expansion strategy that takes into account the specific needs of each foreign market. By thoroughly understanding these needs ahead of time, companies are better positioned to succeed in new markets.

Aligning their expansion strategy with their overall business goals will help companies achieve optimal results as they grow internationally.

Partnerships Matter

Working with a reliable global data infrastructure partner that understands the needs of global businesses is key to ensuring successful expansion into foreign markets.

A good partner will be able to provide tailored solutions and services, such as cloud-based hosting, data transfer and storage services, and compliance or security protocols; all of which can help organizations meet their specific needs in different countries.

Datacenters.com’s bare metal platform is an ideal solution for organizations looking to expand into new markets. Its managed solutions provide companies with access to local resources, delivering improved performance, latency, and reliability for users in the target country.

The platform also allows businesses to easily scale their infrastructure as needed, enabling them to quickly deploy applications or services with minimal setup or configuration. What's more, datacenters.com’s bare metal platform offers comprehensive monitoring and analytics features that help users gain deeper insights into the performance of the infrastructure and their applications.

Our platform and technology experts make it easier for organizations to successfully launch operations in new markets without compromising on availability or performance.


The European technology market has much to offer for enterprise businesses looking to expand their reach. By leveraging bare metal deployments, companies can take a data-first approach and make sure their infrastructure is up to the challenges of doing business in this expanding market.

When done correctly, a cloud strategy based on bare metal deployment will ensure that your organization can operate securely and efficiently in a fast-growing yet complex environment.

Navigating the challenges of the European technology market can be daunting; however, having full control over your business operations and data keeps you ahead of the competition. If you are interested in exploring how adopting new technologies or infrastructure can help lightning-fast growth while mitigating risk, now is the time to get started.

Take a few moments to discuss your IT environment with our experts – for free – and learn more about what a successful deployment strategy looks like on an international level.


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