Vantage Opens New 15 MW Data Center In Santa Clara Campus

10 Sep 2018 by Technology

Vantage Data Centers, a leader in the wholesale data center space, has crossed another milestone in the industry. The company announced the completion of its final data center at Vantage’s premier Santa Clara campus, known as V5. This new data center will bring 15 megawatts of capacity online.
 With the new expansion, Santa Clara campus—the largest in Silicon Valley, can now boast of hosting 75 megawatts of data center capacity. “Silicon Valley continues to be a vital and strategic market for our customers. With the final facility on our first Santa Clara campus complete, and construction of our 69MW Matthew Street campus also in Santa Clara well underway, Vantage can support the growth of enterprises, cloud and hyperscale customers well into the future,” said Vantage President and Chief Executive Officer Sureel Choksi.
 The final data center comes with a lot of new features aimed at enhancing sustainability and maintaining a low total cost of ownership. The new facility wants to reduce the stress on local water resources. 

“We’re particularly proud of the gains in performance and cooling we’ve made with this new expansion,” said Chris Yetman, Chief Operating Officer of Vantage. “Vantage’s continued dedication to providing sustainable value, optimized for the wholesale environment, is one of the reasons we’ve had such success in Silicon Valley. As we continue to expand and move into new markets, we will remain committed to our standards of value, efficiency, and sustainability.”
 The cooling system of the data center uses a combination of outside air and a chilled water loop, which uses recycled water and modular chiller and dry-cooler technology designed to minimize water usage. It will also maintain ultra-low PUEs (Power Usage Effectiveness). The water loop also utilizes non-potable grey water.
Vantage has campuses in Silicon Valley, California, and Quincy, Washington offering data center design solutions to enterprises, technology companies, and service providers. The company has also begun development of its second 69MW campus in Santa Clara. In Quincy, Vantage operates a 6MW data center. 

Vantage is expanding its facilities to other cities too. The company is building a new 42-acre, 108MW campus in Ashburn, Virginia. According to Vantage, the first 24MW building, which will provide 6MW of initial capacity on this completely new campus, is scheduled to be completed in early 2019.

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