Why are Companies Deploying Bare Metal over Colocation?

20 Mar 2023 by Datacenters.com Bare Metal

Bare metal deployments are the future of cloud computing. The benefits are plentiful: increased security, lower costs, and improved performance for high-end applications. With bare metal deployments, organizations can reduce their total cost of ownership by not having to pay for virtualization software or application licenses.

Bare metal also offers a higher level of control over hardware and system configurations that cannot be achieved with virtualized solutions. Moreover, since most cloud providers have embraced this technology, organizations have access to a growing marketplace of pre-configured bare metal instances which can be deployed quickly and easily. This makes it possible to achieve maximum performance without the complexity associated with traditional cloud deployments.

As businesses increasingly look to become more agile and efficient, they are embracing emerging technologies that contain the potential to revolutionize their operations. Bare metal computing is one such technology that offers numerous advantages over other solutions and promises a future of flexible, cost-effective scalability for any organization.

In this post, we take a closer look at why it makes sense for companies to invest in bare metal infrastructure now and how it stands to benefit them both now and in the future.

Unmasking Bare Metal

The popularity of bare metal deployments has grown rapidly over the past few years as organizations look for ways to optimize their IT infrastructure. Bare metal solutions provide improved performance and scalability that make them a viable option in many cases.

Unfortunately, many people are often confuse these deployments with virtual server deployments due to the similarities in setup and installation process. Despite this confusion, bare metal deployments offer organizations more control over their IT systems and can provide a cost-effective solution for certain applications.

Bare metal deployments refer to the installation of an Operating System on a physical server. This is in contrast to Virtual Machine (VM) deployments, which are installed on top of a virtualization layer inside a host computer. A bare metal deployment offers improved performance and scalability when compared to VM and cloud deployments.

Bare metal deployments will only continue to increase in popularity due to the numerous benefits they offer. As more and more businesses move into the cloud, they are seeking solutions that provide greater control, improved performance, and cost savings. With bare metal deployments, they get all three benefits without having to sacrifice security.

As cloud providers embrace this technology, pre-configured bare metal instances become increasingly available and easier to deploy quickly and easily - reducing complexity and costs associated with traditional cloud deployments.

Additionally, with artificial intelligence (AI) applications requiring more computing power, organizations now have the opportunity to access high-performance systems utilizing bare metal deployments.

Because of these advantages, it is clear why many people believe that bare metal deployments will continue to become more popular in the future.

Benefits of Bare Metal

Bare metal deployments provide organizations with several key business advantages compared to colocation, including improved performance, scalability, and control.

The improved performance makes them ideal for applications that require high levels of traffic or computing power. This improved performance is due to the direct access to the server and the absence of virtualization layers which can impact speed and latency.

Organizations have more control over their IT infrastructure with a bare metal deployment than with a virtual machine deployment, making them a better option for applications which require customized configurations.

Bare metal solutions don't suffer from issues such as limited storage or switching between instances, which can be difficult with virtual machine deployments. As a result, organizations can deploy more applications and data storage on a single system than with a traditional virtual machine deployment.

Lastly, bare metal solutions offer direct access to the server and provide organizations with more control over their IT infrastructure than other options. Direct access to the server makes it easier for companies to deploy applications quickly, ensuring that they are able to leverage the latest technologies as soon as they become available.

Pushing Boundaries with Bare Metal

Bare metal deployments are particularly beneficial for organizations that require access to the latest and greatest technologies. With a traditional virtual machine deployment, organizations are limited by the capabilities of the hypervisor and underlying hardware.

This allows companies to quickly capitalize on emerging trends in their industry or take advantage of new features before their competitors do. As a result, businesses can remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing market by leveraging the latest technologies enabled by bare metal deployments.

Artificial Intelligence

Bare metal servers offer a number of advantages for artificial intelligence deployments. By providing direct access to the server, AI-driven applications are able to take full advantage of the resources available. As a result, they can be more powerful and perform more complex tasks than virtualizing resources.

In addition, bare metal deployments also allow organizations to quickly deploy and scale up their AI-driven applications as needed without worrying about running out of capacity or having to reconfigure the system due to hardware constraints.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Bare metal and augmented reality deployments are a perfect match due to their complementary benefits. AR applications can leverage the direct access to physical hardware resources provided by bare metal deployments, allowing them to take full advantage of powerful processors without any additional layers of abstraction.

This makes an ideal environment for apps that rely heavily on computational power and accuracy in order to generate real-time visuals. On the other hand, bare metal solutions benefit from the increased utilization of their existing hardware resources since AR applications do not require as much storage space or RAM.

Forge Partnerships with Bare Metal Experts

Having options when it comes to choosing a bare metal solution provider is essential for organizations that require a high-performance, reliable infrastructure. Different providers offer different levels of support, scalability and availability depending on the organization’s needs.

At Datacenters.com, we offer a robust portfolio of bare metal solution providers along with a dedicated team of technology experts that are available for free consultations. Our goal is to help you better understand your current IT environment and plan for your future needs while getting you connected with the provider capable of delivering what you need to be successful.

Schedule time today for a free consult to see what problems we can solve for your organization.


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