About Telesystem

From our humble beginnings in 1994, Telesystem has become a dominant force in the technology industry. We have a deep understanding of what businesses need to thrive and we are dedicated to helping them succeed.

At Telesystem, we go above and beyond to meet and exceed our customers' needs. From detailed discovery conversations to ongoing support, we are committed to being a reliable partner for your business. Our goal is to help you overcome even the most complex IT challenges.

We take the time to dive deep into your business and understand your issues and desired outcomes. This allows us to develop a tailored solution that fits your unique needs perfectly.

Once you become a customer, you can rest assured that you will have a dedicated team assigned to your account. They will always be available to assist you with anything you may need and quickly escalate any issues that may arise.

When it comes to implementation, our on-site technicians and single point of contact make sure you never get passed around. Setting up a highly technical solution can be daunting, but with us by your side, you will never have to go through it alone.

Our U.S.-based live support team is here for you 24/7/365. They are ready to help you navigate any issues with speed, accuracy, and as few touches as possible.

Our Customers

Telesystem has an exceptional track record of helping businesses solve real problems. See how Telesystem has helped a number of businesses turn their communication problems into success stories.

Our Network

Telesystem has Nationwide Fiber and IP Networks, including Over 4,000 Private Fiber route miles across the U.S. -2 Privately Owned Data Centers -Built-in DDoS Protection -500,000+ On Net Buildings
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Telesystem Data Centers (2 Locations)

DC-1 Ohio Data Center
4818 Angola Road, Toledo, OH, USA
DC-2 Michigan Data Center
1240 Huber Drive, Monroe, MI, USA