Telesystem: DC-2 Michigan Data Center

Telesystem DC-2 Michigan Data Center is located at 1240 Huber Drive, Monroe, MI, USA. The data center is 8800 sqft. There is a total of 3600 sqft in raised floor space for colocation. No power information has been offered for this location. We found 21 data center locations within 50 miles of this facility. Certifications for this location include HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2.
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About DC-2 Michigan Data Center

Introducing Telesystem's impressive second data center, DC-2, located in Southeast Michigan. This state-of-the-art facility boasts double the space of our current Data Center, providing ample room for all your needs. Built to Department of Defense standards, DC-2 is like a fortress, designed for ultimate protection.

Situated on five acres of land, this 8,150 square foot building is strategically shielded by earthen mounds on three sides. With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to Department of Defense specifications, DC-2 ensures resiliency and unrivaled safeguarding.

But that's not all - DC-2 is also geographically and electrical grid separated from DC-1 to minimize any potential disruptions. Whether operating independently or in unison with DC-1, rest assured that all the services you rely on are readily available in both locations. Experience unmatched availability and reliability with Telesystem's dual data centers.

N+1 Power and HVAC/R

DC-2 is redundant AF. The Cat and Onan gensets are 650 kw each and fed diesel by a 6,000 gallon underground storage tank. A "critical business" agreement with a local fuel distributor insures our supply should a prolonged runtime on generator power be required.


Situated on five acres and bordered on three sides by earthen berms, 24x7x365 monitoring, unmanned lights-out facility. An eight foot tall chain link fence with an electronically controlled gate help ensure the property remains uninvited guest free.
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Telesystem Locations in United States (2 Locations)

DC-1 Ohio Data Center
4818 Angola Road, Toledo, OH, USA
DC-2 Michigan Data Center
1240 Huber Drive, Monroe, MI, USA