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New Cloud Networks Overview

NewCloud Networks was founded in 1988 by Sam V. Kumar under the brand Iloka. Kumar’s vision was to provide communications and IT services to augment mid-market and enterprise customer IT capabilities.

NewCloud’s current mission statement is the same as it was in 1988. “At NewCloud Networks, we know that if we take care of our customers, partners and employees, everything else will take care of itself.”

The next stage in NewCloud’s evolution was under the brand Microtech-Tel, a managed IT services provider that specialized in managed hosting, virtualization and communications services like PBX.

NewCloud grew rapidly during the Microtech-Tel years to more than 20,000 PBX/network subscribers, even building out its own top tier data center at the corporate headquarters in the Denver Tech Center.

After numerous, strategic meetings with industry influencers and experts, Sam V. Kumar decided the company’s future would be determined as a provider of high-value cloud solutions and communications services.

This led to the second re-brand as NewCloud Networks, the fusion of Kumar’s vision for the company. The current logo is meant to invoke the dawn of a new cloud provider offering a superior value via a diverse combination of services that are competitively priced with maximum reliability and performance.


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