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The Wilmington, Delaware, United States Data Centers Market includes a total of 26 data centers and 15 data center providers.
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When it comes to establishing or expanding data center operations, businesses seek a strategic location that offers a blend of economic advantages, robust infrastructure, and a supportive business environment. In this context, the Delaware colocation market emerges as a compelling choice, characterized by its unique attributes that position it as an attractive destination for securing data center services.

Proximity to Major Metropolitan Areas

Situated in the region of Mid-Atlantic within the United States, Delaware's strategic location offers proximity to major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia and Washington D.C. This proximity not only facilitates connectivity and accessibility but also opens doors to a vast consumer base and potential business partnerships. For businesses looking to enhance their operational reach and market presence, the geographic positioning of Delaware provides a distinct advantage that can drive growth and expansion.

Connectivity Ecosystem

Delaware's connectivity ecosystem comprises multiple colocation data centers, offering businesses a diverse range of options to meet their specific needs. With a total of four facilities and ongoing developments in this space, the state presents a dynamic landscape for businesses seeking reliable and scalable data center solutions. These facilities are equipped with advanced features and security measures, catering to the evolving demands of modern businesses in terms of data management and infrastructure support.

Business-Friendly Policies and Tax Environment

Delaware is renowned for its business-friendly policies and favorable tax environment, making it an appealing choice for companies aiming to optimize their cost management while reaping the benefits of a supportive regulatory framework. The state's commitment to providing an environment conducive to business growth aligns with the needs of organizations seeking to secure data center services in a financially prudent manner.

Sustainability and Renewable Energy

In addition to its economic appeal, Delaware exhibits a strong commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. As the global focus on environmental responsibility intensifies, businesses are increasingly prioritizing sustainable practices, including the use of renewable energy sources. Delaware's alignment with this ethos positions it as a forward-thinking location for data center investments, appealing to businesses with sustainability objectives and a desire to reduce their environmental footprint.

Market Growth and Potential

The Delaware colocation market is not only established but also poised for growth. With projections indicating significant market size expansion and increasing demand for data center colocation services in the United States, Delaware stands as a pivotal player in this landscape. This growth trajectory underscores the potential for businesses to capitalize on the evolving market dynamics and secure data center services that can accommodate their present and future needs.

In conclusion, the Delaware colocation market presents a unique value proposition for businesses seeking data center services. From its strategic location and connectivity ecosystem to its business-friendly policies, sustainability initiatives, and growth potential, Delaware stands out as a compelling destination that offers the essential elements for businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Top 10 Colocation Providers

Equinix246 locations
Lumen105 locations
DataBank69 locations
Flexential40 locations
TierPoint39 locations
H5 Data Centers
H5 Data Centers22 locations
Colocation America
Colocation America22 locations
365 Data Centers
365 Data Centers20 locations
Data Canopy
Data Canopy17 locations
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