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The New Jersey, United States Data Centers Market includes a total of 59 data centers and 33 data center providers.
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New Jersey's data center market is experiencing steady growth and attracting significant attention from organizations looking to deploy colocation solutions. As one of the top five data center markets in the United States, New Jersey offers unique advantages that make it a vital hub for data center operations. 

Data center professionals have observed positive signs of recovery and stabilization in the New York/New Jersey market. Gradually, vacant space is being absorbed as leasing activity increases. This trend indicates a growing demand for data center infrastructure in the region. 

Strategic Location and Connectivity 

Situated in close proximity to major metropolitan areas like New York City, New Jersey serves as a strategic location for data centers. Its prime location offers excellent connectivity to financial markets, media and entertainment industries, and government agencies. This accessibility makes New Jersey an ideal choice for organizations seeking to establish their presence in these key sectors. 

Wall Street's Secret Data Center Hideout 

New Jersey has earned the reputation of being Wall Street's secret data center hideout. It houses a significant number of large colocation providers and single tenant facilities, attracting financial institutions and corporations that require secure and reliable data processing capabilities. 

With its robust infrastructure and high-speed connectivity, data centers in New Jersey provide the ideal environment for handling critical financial transactions and sensitive data. 

Tax Incentives and Site Selection Challenges 

The New Jersey government offers tax incentives to jump-start the data center industry in the state. These incentives aim to attract more organizations to invest in data center facilities, further enhancing the market's growth potential. 

However, site selection challenges exist due to limited available land and real estate options. Despite these challenges, the New Jersey data center market continues to thrive, with 49 colocation centers spread across 14 areas, including a concentration in Hudson County. Your Solution for Data Center Space in New Jersey 

In this highly competitive market, organizations need a reliable partner to assist them in finding the right data center space. That's where comes in. With our extensive network and expertise in the industry, is uniquely positioned to help organizations navigate the New Jersey data center market. offers a comprehensive platform that connects organizations with a wide range of data center providers in New Jersey. Whether it's finding the ideal location, negotiating contracts, or assessing security and compliance requirements, provides the necessary tools and resources to streamline the data center selection process. 

With its deep understanding of the New Jersey market, can guide organizations towards colocation solutions that meet their specific needs. By leveraging its industry knowledge and relationships, helps organizations make informed decisions and optimize their data center operations. 

In conclusion, the current state of the data center market in New Jersey is characterized by growth, stability, and strategic advantages. As an essential hub for colocation solutions, New Jersey offers connectivity, location advantages, and tax incentives that attract organizations from various industries. 

In this competitive landscape, stands out as a trusted partner, providing expert assistance in navigating the New Jersey data center market and finding the perfect data center space for organizations' unique requirements. 

Top 10 Colocation Providers

China Telecom
China Telecom362 locations
Equinix246 locations
Digital Realty
Digital Realty231 locations
Lumen105 locations
DataBank69 locations
CyrusOne45 locations
Enzu45 locations
Cologix43 locations
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