Full Cab with 3kW Sao Paulo
Located in São Paulo I (Rua Dr. Eduardo Martinelli, 100 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil)
SpaceFull cabinets (1+)
Product power3 kW
Power circuit20A/220 AC
Speed100 Mbps
IPs/27 (32 usable)
Term1 year
Sale ends on Jul 1
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Latitude.sh Full Cab with 3kW Sao Paulo

Founded in 2001, Maxihost offers one of the fastest growing Bare Metal Cloud platforms in Brazil, as well as custom solutions for complex IT infrastructure projects. We are an Agile data center, providing companies with the power to control their infrastructure. Maxihost brings ultra-high reliability to customers requiring levels of agility and continuity not found at different sites.
Two circuits of 1.5 kW each / 2 PDU 12 outlets each
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Data Center Specifications

Building Size: 7000 sqft
Colocation Space: 3500 sqft
Total Power: 1000 kVa
Power Density: 10

Data Center Certifications

ISO 27001:Ok