1/2 Cabinet Colocation / Miami
Located in Miami Data Center (36 Northeast 2nd Street, Miami, FL, USA)
Space1/2 cabinet
Product power0 kW
Power circuit20A/120 AC
Speed50 Mbps
IPs/27 (32 usable)
Term1 year
Sale ends on Oct 1
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QuadraNet 1/2 Cabinet Colocation / Miami

QuadraNet's Miami facility is at the center of the leading hub to most Latin American & Caribbean markets. The datacenter is connected to multiple, underground FPL electrical utility grids that benefits from a priority power delivery hierarchy. Two diesel generators with automatic transfer and additional backup from roll up generators deliver emergency power at 2N. In-house electrical engineers and electricians are on staff to deliver circuits overnight as soon as needed. Controlled access and monitoring with 24/7 manned building security keep your servers safe, so that you never have to worry about unauthorized access to your data. The datacenter's building is built to withstand all that Mother Nature can throw at it and is rated to handle a Category 5 hurricane.
Our Miami data center features bandwidth from Tiscali, Cogent, TeliaSonera, and Telefonica, as well as multiple peering networks. Direct connections to NOTA, 40Gbps network backbone.
o 24x7 Fingerprint biometric identification o 24x7 Live Camera Recordings o 24x7 Secured & Guarded Entrance o Access controller security entrance & access controlled elevator(s)
o NFPA Double Interlock Pre-Action Fire Prevention System o 110 Tons of cooling capacity o 5 CRAH Units (Fed From Individual Condenser Plant) o CATEGORY 5 Hurricane Rating Infrastructure

Data Center Specifications

Building Size: 162140 sqft
Colocation Space: sqft
Total Power: 2 kVa
Power Density: 0.0

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