VIP Managed Server
Located in 150 Atlantic Street Data Center (159 Atlantic Street, Hackensack, NJ, USA)
SpaceDedicated Server
Product power0 kW
Power circuitNot Applicable
Speed1 Gbps
IPs/30 (4 usable)
Term1 month
Sale ends on Jun 30
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Whitelabel IT Solutions VIP Managed Server

Our VIP Managed Server plan nearly doubles the available processing power for your tasks, still based off the reliable and cost-effective solutions Whitelabel IT Solutions brings you. Your services will be able to process tasks faster and in larger numbers, as is crucial for a web backbone. We've also doubled the fast storage capacity and expanded memory to 256GB.
Double SSD Storage Capacity
The VIP Managed Server doubles the available fast SSD storage available on your server, paired with a sizeable increase of available ram to help you speed up processing times drastically.
Increased Processing Power
The server comes with up to 20 available processing scores spread between two processors, for maximum peak performance when processing the most demanding tasks.
IPV6 Ready
Ensure your servers are fully compatible and ready to go with the new IPV6 protocol. This brings you 32 addresses in order to future-proof your services and infrastructure.
Redundant Power Supplies
With a redundant power supply configuration at the rack and data center level, we offer unbeatable reliability and consistent performance for your dedicated servers.

Data Center Specifications

Building Size: 20000 sqft
Colocation Space: 12000 sqft
Total Power: 2 kVa
Power Density: 6

Data Center Certifications


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