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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly relying on data storage solutions to manage and secure their valuable information. Ohio has emerged as a prominent player in the colocation market, offering a unique combination of factors that make it an attractive destination for businesses seeking reliable and efficient data storage solutions.

Let's delve into what sets the colocation market in Ohio apart and why businesses are flocking to this region to safeguard their data.

A Booming Data Center Landscape

Ohio boasts a robust data center infrastructure, with numerous colocation facilities spread across key cities like Cleveland and Columbus. The state is home to 85 facilities, encompassing an impressive 3,914,990 square feet and 407 megawatts of power capacity. This vast network of data centers ensures that businesses have access to a wide range of options when it comes to colocation services in Ohio.

Connectivity and Low-Latency Advantage

One of the key factors that make Ohio an attractive destination for colocation is its exceptional connectivity. The state's strategic location in the Midwest US provides businesses with access to a dense network of fiber-optic cables, facilitating high-speed and low-latency connections. This connectivity advantage allows companies to efficiently transfer data, ensuring seamless operations and superior performance.

Affordable Power Costs

Another significant advantage of the colocation market in Ohio is its affordable power costs. The state benefits from competitive electricity rates, making it an economically viable option for businesses seeking cost-effective data storage solutions. Lower power costs not only contribute to reduced operational expenses but also enable businesses to scale their data storage infrastructure without breaking the bank.

Business-Friendly Environment

Ohio's business-friendly environment is another factor that sets it apart in the colocation market. The state offers favorable tax incentives and legislation that support the growth of the data center industry. These favorable conditions make Ohio an attractive choice for businesses looking to establish or expand their data storage capabilities while enjoying financial benefits.

What Drives Businesses to Store Data in Ohio

The unique combination of factors in the colocation market in Ohio has made it a sought-after destination for businesses seeking reliable and secure data storage solutions. Here are a few key reasons why companies choose to store their data in Ohio:

Reliability and Security

Ohio's data centers adhere to stringent security protocols, ensuring the safety and integrity of stored data. These facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including advanced cooling systems, fire suppression mechanisms, and robust backup power systems, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations and protection against unforeseen events.

Scalability and Flexibility

The diverse range of data center facilities in Ohio provides businesses with scalability and flexibility options tailored to their specific needs. Whether a business requires a small-scale solution or a large-scale enterprise-grade data center, Ohio offers a variety of choices to accommodate growth and changing requirements.

Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Ohio's colocation market boasts strong disaster recovery capabilities, making it an ideal choice for businesses concerned about data loss and downtime. The redundant infrastructure and geographically dispersed data centers ensure that even in the event of a natural disaster or system failure, companies can quickly recover and resume operations without significant disruptions.

Datacenters.com: Your Trusted Partner in Ohio's Colocation Market

Navigating the competitive colocation market can be overwhelming for businesses seeking the ideal data storage solution. However, Datacenters.com is uniquely positioned to assist companies in securing colocation solutions in Ohio. With extensive industry knowledge and partnerships with top-tier data center providers in the state, Datacenters.com offers personalized guidance and expertise to match businesses with the most suitable colocation facilities.

Furthermore, Datacenters.com's comprehensive platform provides businesses with access to a curated list of data centers and providers in Ohio, simplifying the research and selection process. The platform's advanced filtering options allow businesses to refine their search based on specific requirements, such as power capacity, connectivity, and security features.

By leveraging Datacenters.com's expertise and resources, businesses can make informed decisions and optimize their data storage capabilities in Ohio's thriving colocation market.


Ohio's colocation market offers a wealth of advantages that make it an attractive destination for businesses seeking reliable and efficient data storage solutions. From its robust data center infrastructure and connectivity advantages to its affordability and business-friendly environment, Ohio provides the ideal ecosystem for companies looking to safeguard their data.

By partnering with Datacenters.com, businesses can navigate this competitive market with ease, ensuring they find the perfect colocation solution tailored to their needs. Secure your data and unlock the potential for growth in Ohio's thriving colocation market with Datacenters.com.

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